About Us


You Choose

RoweDocs helps you choose the doctor you want to see! After your appointment, you can choose whether you would like to see the same doctor again, or schedule your next appointment with a different physician.

A Plan for everyone

We believe quality healthcare should be accessible and convenient for everyone. We work with both insured and uninsured patients for our telehealth services.

More than Telemedicine

Many of the doctors in our network also have a brick and mortar practice. With RoweDocs if your problem can not be handled online we will refer you to a partner in your area for in-office lab work,  imaging, and physicals.

Head of Department and Staff

A powerfull team working for your Health

Dr. Rowe is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who is dedicated to providing exceptional medical care. Dr. Rowe is a native of Miami, Florida where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology at the University of Miami. She moved to Philadelphia to obtain her Doctorate of Medicine (MD) at Temple University School of Medicine. She then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. She obtained her Masters of Business Administration from Bauer College of Business through a Business of Medicine Fellowship at Kelsey Seybold Clinic.

Dr. Rowe is committed to education and outreach in her local community. She created the Rowetation Nutritional Challenge to help individuals find the support they need to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The network has grown exponentially and members are consistently losing weight and inches while gaining energy and confidence.

Dr. Rowe is also an active member of The Artemis Medical Society and numerous local organizations including The Mary Susan Moore Medical Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, Texas Medical Association, and Harris County Medical Society. She supports numerous community programs including the Sister’s Network Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, March of Dimes Honey Child Prenatal Education Program, and the American Diabetes Association StepOut Walk.


Virtual visits save time and money

Virtual visits provide patients access to quality healthcare services without all the hassles of an in-office appointment. Many times, a traditional doctor’s appointment will require a patient to take time off from work to travel across town and sit in a waiting room full of other sick people, all before ever being seen by their physician.


Telemedicine makes seeing your doctor easier than ever before. You can set up a virtual appointment with your physician from your phone, tablet, or computer to get the medical attention you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Request an appointment with one of our board-certified doctors today!


  • Great experience! It was really great to not have to go into the doctor's office when I wasn't feeling well. I was able to have a telemedicine visit and then have my medicine delivered. I will definitely use RoweDocs again.
    Dawna Boone Google Review
  • Dr. Rowe was professional and made me feel very comfortable. She listened to me which is very important. Great at explaining everything to me. I highly recommend Dr.Rowe!
    Enjoli Marchand Google Review
  • Dr. Rowe is an amazing physician. I have nothing but praise for her.
    Emmanuel Obi Google Review