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We believe our patients should have the right to choose when it comes to selecting a doctor that fits their needs. RoweDocs gives you access to more than a dozen board-certified specialists and physicians all from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Ashley Maltz

Integrative Medicine Physician / Austin, TX

Denisse R. Forghani M.D.

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics / Houston, TX

Dr. Asek Makia

Allergist / Immunologist / Lake Arbor, MD

Dr. Cindy Duke

Fertility / Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Frank North

Pharmacist / Houston, TX

Dr. John R. Greene, III, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician / North Carolina, Nevada

Dr. Karyn A. Hargett, MD

Pediatrician / Jacksonville, NC

Dr. Kijana Nix

General Pediatrician / Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

Dr. Latisha Rowe

Primary Care / Houston, TX

Dr. Mwiyeria Ngare

Family Medicine Physician / Houston, TX

Dr. Rowena Maclin

Family Physician/ Primary Care / Texas

Dr. Tiffany Turner

Internal Medicine / Longview, Texas, Virginia

Dr. Veronica Contreras

Family Medicine Physician / California

Dr. Virginia Madla

Allergist / Immunologist / Florida, Illinois


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