Telemedicine Services Texas

Telemedicine Texas

Our team of healthcare professionals are committed to providing the highest quality telemedicine in Texas. We work to promote health and wellness by bringing convenient and comfortable telemedicine you and your family can count on. From sick day appointments to in-depth disease management with board-certified specialists, we have got it all.

Telehealth Visit Texas

Telehealth virtual visits make it simple for patients to connect with board-certified physicians and specialists! Request an appointment with one of our doctors and attend your appointment from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer, at your convenience! When you choose RoweDocs, you are choosing to make healthcare simple!

Virtual Doctor Visit Texas

With RoweDocs, you won’t have to miss work for a doctor’s appointment again! Our team provides same-day no-wait virtual doctor visits with physicians from Texas and throughout the country. If during your appointment your physician decides you need lab work or an in-office exam, they can connect you with a local physician in our network.

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    Telemedicine Doctor Texas

    A powerful team working for your Health

    Connect with doctors in your state without having to deal with the hassles of an in-office visit. With RoweDocs, our patients have access to a team of board-certified physicians and specialists, whenever they need it.

    Whether you are at home, at work, or are out of the country, our physicians can see you! Request an appointment with one of our telemedicine Texas doctors to schedule a consultation or seek treatment for an existing condition you may have.

    Some patients prefer to schedule telemedicine appointments with local physicians in order to carry over in-office visits with the same doctor. If you work with a non-local physician and are in need of an in-office visit, we can refer you to a physician near you!

    Ashley Maltz

    Integrative Medicine Physician / Austin, TX

    Dr. Aravinda Ayyagari

    Pediatrician / Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Florida

    Dr. Frank North

    Pharmacist / Houston, TX

    Dr. Jenell Jackson

    Ophthalmologist / Hickory, NC, Houston, TX

    Dr. Kristen Kammerer

    Pediatrician / Dallas, TX

    Dr. Latisha Rowe

    Primary Care / Houston, TX

    Dr. Mwiyeria Ngare

    Family Medicine Physician / Houston, TX

    Dr. Tiffany Turner

    Internal Medicine / Longview, Texas, Virginia