School Telehealth

RoweDocs School Telemedicine Program

Have your student virtually treated at school
under the care of a licensed doctor!

The Benefits of RoweDocs Telehealth

It can be difficult to leave work and coordinate a doctor’s visit. By registering for this program, your child can receive care immediately.

Connect to a pediatric provider who can diagnose, treat, and if needed, send your prescription to a local pharmacy.

If you are currently experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with someone that has a confirmed case of COVID-19, or have specifically been asked to get tested by your healthcare provider, you should be tested for COVID-19. After you have been tested, you should minimize contact with others by self-isolating until you receive your test results. If you do test positive, your healthcare provider will give you information and resources on how to monitor your symptoms.

We’re here for you outside of school hours as well! We’re open 7 days/week, including after-hours (8am–9pm Monday-Sunday). We’re open all holidays and weekends.

Our pediatricians provide expert medical care for children of all ages up to age 21.

Most visits will be little to no cost. We accept Tricare plans and Texas Medicaid plans, as well as commercial insurance plans. We also have a self-pay option available.

Our Experience

We are currently implemented in 9 states across United States!

We have the capacity to grow and are enthusiastic to make sure every family has access to high-quality medical care private-school and at-home!

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    What We Treat in Schools

    Students can be evaluated and tested for ailments such as minor colds, the flu, sore throat, cough, ear concerns, headaches, sinus or allergy issues, nosebleeds, or pink eye.

    Connect to a pediatric provider who can diagnose, treat, and if needed, send your prescription to a local pharmacy.

    Now your child can receive care for constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, period pain and other GI issues.

    If a child is showing symptoms of an illness, the school nurse can consult with our doctor or provider and test the child for the flu, strep throat, or even COVID-19 right from the nurse’s office.

    The school nurse can quickly consult with our pediatric specialized doctor or provider to have a child evaluated for an illness or injury.

    Students can quickly connect to one of our online pediatric doctors or providers to evaluate cuts, burns, bites, and other minor injuries while onsite in the school nurse’s office.